Ulster County is using a unique method to draw attention to the hazards of driving under the influence.

In a press release posted to Facebook, the Ulster County Sheriffs Department and Ulster County STOP-DWI have come together for a collaborative effort in the "Choose Your Ride Campaign." Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum announced that the campaign will a mobil billboard of sorts by taking a vehicle and painting it to look like a taxi cab in the front and a sheriffs car in the back.

The front of the vehicle is painted yellow and reads "Taxi." Under that is reads "THIS RIDE costs less" followed by a vehicle color change to white and "Police" written on the side while underneath it continues "than THIS ONE."

Sheriff and County Executive Mike Hein and the Probation Department, who are behind STOP-DWI, urge adults who drink to leave the keys behind and find a ride whether it be by a designated driver or taxi service. The STOP-DWI vehicle made its debut tonight at the Ulster County Fair and will be making stops around the county throughout the year.


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