So you won't believe how many people do this to their cars and trucks. As a matter of fact Forbes in 2013 said it is actually consider not normal but not crazy to do this to your car. Forbes disclosed that according to a study by Nationwide Insurance 25% of us name our car. More women do it than men and more people 18 - 34 years old than any other age group, but still it happens regularly.

I will admit I have named a car or two. Right now I drive around in "My Broom". Before the Broom I had the Pumpkin. I didn't actually name that car people I know did because it was orange and they know I love Halloween. It had absolutely nothing to do with Cinderella and her coach.

Off The Throttle published an article in 2016 that explains why we like to name our cars and trucks. Apparently it is based in the relationships we form with our car over time. It is with us on the way to work, the exciting road trip we take with friends and even sometimes for our first love.

So if you are like me and have named your car get ready to enjoy Tuesday October 2nd because that is National Name Your Car Day and is celebrated annually even though they can't trace the origin of the day. To celebrate give your car a name if you haven't already and then use #NameYourCarDay and post to social media.

Check out the list of 800 plus good names for cars thanks to Axle Addict.

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