It's no secret, I'm a TV buff. I also happen to like wine. The combination of the two makes me a very happy girl.

This weekend I took a little trip up to Millbrook to grab dinner and drinks with some friends, because I needed to celebrate my birthday for another weekend. We ended up stopping at Millbrook Winery before we headed out to dinner at La Puerta Azul. Shockingly, I've never been to the winery even though I've heard amazing reviews from friends and family members.


Millbrook Winery did not disappoint. It was absolutely gorgeous and the staff was super helpful and attentive. They were all friendly as well, which is why I took the opportunity to talk shop with them whenever I could. And when  I say talk shop, I mean mention a million times where I've seen their wine.

There is a scandalous show on Showtime called The Affair that I happen to enjoy tremendously. During season 2 they filmed a bunch in the Lower Hudson Valley over in Cold Spring, in the town and at the train station.

In one of the first big scenes Noah and Alison are enjoying dinner on their back deck with a bottle of wine. It's a white wine from Millbrook. During the show there was a much better picture but this is the best I could come up with from The Affair Youtube channel:

The Affair Showtime/Youtube

Not my best work, but trust me it's from Millbrook Winery. I'm pretty sure I asked everyone working on Saturday if they knew what I was talking about, they didn't and my friends were embarrassed.

Oh well! Have you seen or heard a Hudson Valley mention on your favorite TV show? Let us know over on Facebook.