We all know that Monday is a tough day because you're just getting back to the grind of work, meetings, etc but did you ever wonder what day is the most productive?

Research says that Tuesdays are the most productive day of the work week.  Mondays are spent catching up on emails, messages and probably meetings of some kind.  We also talk about our weekends and more times than not, there is someone that has called off or taken a vacation day to extend the weekend.

Tuesday is the day we can come to work and have more than likely already planned the rest of the week so we can go right to our daily and weekly tasks.  Wednesday is spent trying to catch up on stuff that was missed from Monday and Tuesday and by Thursday we're trying to get stuff done and scheduled for the weekend.  Once Friday comes, we are planning on the weekend and putting off everything we can until Monday.

Rinse and Repeat.

Enjoy your Tuesday, be productive and let us keep you entertained online, on your smart speaker or on The WOLF App!

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