If you're a fan of baseball, the New York Yankees, the New York Mets and or food, this is most definitely the event for you.

Many baseball fans that I know have done the baseball stadium tour throughout the United State. There are 30 parks spread out through our 50 states that represent Americas favorite pastime.

It's one of my dreams to go on that adventure, but until I can come up with the money and days off this will have to do.

On March 13, Major League Baseball announced it's first ever MLB Foodfest. One of the best thing about visiting different ball parks is being able to try the specialty foods for each team.

Fried S'mores from the Texas Rangers, the College Days Bloody Mary from the Minnesota Twins which includes a slice of pizza in your drink or the Pulled Pork Parfait from the Milwaukee Brewers could be tingling your taste buds this April.

You can try some of the best ballpark foods, that aren't just hot dogs, on April 21st and 22nd down at 415 5th Avenue in New York City. Tickets are $25 for just food, but if you want to follow tradition and enjoy an iced cold beer with your baseball food tickets will run you $40.

Tickets will allow you to taste food from all 30 ballparks, the food only ticket also provides soda and water.

You can purchase your tickets at MLB.Com

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