If you know me than you know I am a wine drinker. It isn't that I don't like beer but the bubbles and I just aren't friends. So I am the girl at parties carrying around the fishbowl on a stem filled with Malbec. I hate to drink wine out of the stemless glassware. The other thing that puzzles me at parties is when you have wine and beer drinkers do you have to plan different snacks?

I always put chips and dips with the beer and maybe a bowl of nuts close by the beer cooler. The wine bar always seems have the healthy snacks. Fruit, cheese and sometimes even the veggie tray. So why can't I seem to put the chips with the wine? It pretty simple actually, no one wants salty even greasy chips with their glass of wine. But if there was a chip made specifically to pair with wine I might consider it.

Ask and you shall find. This produce has been trailing me on Facebook all week. Turns out that someone finally got smart and made a regular old chip that will pair with your glass of wine stem or no stem. I haven't try any Wine Chips yet but I will be hunting them down for one of my next Zoom happy hours. I absolutely have to try the Smoke Gouda. Yes, Wine Chips look like chips but come in the flavors of your favorite cheese. Oh and one other note these aren't the chip you want to leave laying around the house. They are a wee bit pricier than a bag of Ruffles.

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