Imagine sitting down in a McDonald's and enjoying your weekend breakfast when a car drives right through the wall near where you were sitting.

That's the exact situation that took place on Sunday, Dec. 3 in Middletown. According to a Facebook video by Josh Zed Gaines, which you can see below, was at the Dolson Avenue establishment on Sunday when he says that a truck came barreling through the door.

Warning: the video below is NSFW.

According to the Times Herald Record after the accident part of Dolson Avenue was closed on Sunday.

City of Middletown police told the Record that the driver was driving southbound on Dolson Avenue when they hit a utility pole, causing the truck to then hit the McDonalds. The accident occurred around 11:30AM.

From pictures and videos from the scene, EMTs, the Middletown firefighters and police were on the scene and there was visible damage to the car and building.

There has been no information released about the driver.

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