Most of us will be putting up a tree this weekend and it got me thinking about what people put on the top of there tree. The Tree Topper ornament can set the tone for the tree. I have seen trees with a star, an angel, a Santa and even a disco ball. Usually what goes on top of the tree is special in some way. It is often the one thing that is part of a family tradition. Very often trees are topped with an ornament or an item that has been passed down through the years. Or the tree gets topped with something whimsical (like a disco ball) to set a theme for all to enjoy.

Originally Christmas trees were topped with things that had deep religious meanings. Over time tree toppers became less spiritual and more ornamental but that didn't mean they weren't special. Depending where you do your research you will find that trees were once topped with an assortment of things. The history of tree decorating goes back through many very different cultures, each of them having there own ideas of what should go on the top of the tree.

So whether you will be placing a star, an angel, a more modern topper or nothing at all hopefully you all can agree. That was always a bit of struggle in my family. We had an old angel that was too small which everyone wanted to use but it couldn't be seen. So the compromise was to attach her to a more modern tree topper with a wire. We still have the angel but we have replaced the spiky tree topper almost every year. Turns out they are very breakable.

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