Oh yes, it is almost here.

We have a little less than a week until Christmas is upon us. From personal experience I can tell you, people are definitely waiting until the last minute to get their loved ones the perfect gift. The line at Toys R Us yesterday in Poughkeepsie at 1:30pm was insane. I would know, I was stuck on said line.

Not only are people taking care of their last minute shopping, but their also finishing up their decorating and putting up their Christmas trees.

This is where a big debate comes into the picture.

Since my tree is basically a weird Charlie Brown tree, I haven't put a topper on it. I've taken some heat but also have been asked to choose.

Star or Angel?

Growing up my family always put a star on top of the tree, but I know ton of folks rocking the Christmas Angel at the top of their pine.

What's sitting on top of your tree?


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