I may be wrong and I don't claim to have a background in gardening but I have to say "Not Yet, Not Yet, Not Yet!, to all the mulching. I agree we are all excited that Winter is over and Spring has arrived but it is a wee bit early to be gardening. At least that's what my Irish Grandma use to say. She believed that April showers fed the soil for those beautiful May flowers and that disrupting them to early wasn't a good garden practice..

She had a hard fast rule no gardening until Memorial Day. She would rake the lawn in late April. And she never uncovered the flower beds until May. And by uncover I mean take out the leaves. Yes, she would rake the fall leaves into the garden in November and then rake them out the following spring. She called it the gardens Winter Coat. I guess this is the part where I tell you her gardens were always beautiful.

Over the last few weeks my overly ambitious friend have been out cleaning up their yards and planting their gardens. Call me jealous if you want but I think they have jumped the gun. Today was the first day I even spent time in the yard. My husband referred to my time walking the back quarter acre as "surveying the project". I called it getting fresh air. Either way it is nice to see everything budding. I did locate my one and only crocus and it has bloomed. I also noticed that once again this Winter the deer have managed to eat all the holly leaves off the holly bushes and they have also sampled most of the bulbed flowers in the front garden. I wonder if mulching in March would have chased them off?

Happy Planting!

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