As if having a blended family isn't hard enough.

Wednesday's on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show can be pretty therapeutic if you have any sort of problem. Each Wednesday we grab an email that a Wolf listener has sent to us looking for some help or advice.

We have learned that this is a great place for you to help out a fellow Wolf listener with some solid advice. Has anyone ever said to you that you give the best advice? If so, this Mom from the Hudson Valley needs some of the quality advice today.

She wrote to us:

"Hey guys, hopefully you can help me out. I have a 12 year old, my husband has a 10 year old, and we have a baby together who is almost 2. My in-laws planned a trip to Disney before we got pregnant that was supposed to happen this past April. Well they cancelled the trip 3 weeks before we were to go. My kids hearts were broke and that crushed them. They recently said they were rescheduling the trip and I was excited because I knew the kids would be thrilled. Well this past weekend they told me my youngest was not welcome to come just my husband, my older 2 boys, and me. They said “Oh your parents can watch him. He’ll ruin everyone’s trip if he comes.” I am so hurt and stuck in a terrible situation. I either have to leave my youngest behind for 7 days (which I CANNOT do) or I have to stay back with my youngest and miss my older boys getting to experience every child’s dream. I think if my whole family can’t go then none of us should go and we should plan our own family trip in a few years. My husband thinks we should send the older boys. He said I am doing them a huge injustice and I’m being selfish if I don’t let them go.

What would you do?!"

How do you think this mom should handle this? I think that maybe the parents send the two older boys and stay home with the 2 year old. Make it special, some mom, dad and baby time. With older kids it would probably be the first time they get to focus all of the attention on the baby. Win, win for everyone, right?

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