I love when summer has officially arrived in the Hudson Valley and you can get fresh picked corn. I realize that the corn we are getting right now in stores is actually from further south but it is only a matter of time before local farms will be offering their corn for sale at local farm markets.

Wallkill View Farms in New Paltz is a great place to grab local veggies. There is also Wright's Family Farm in Modena. Click here for a list of farm markets in Dutchess County. But even if you miss your local farm chances are you can get great corn this time of year at your local grocery. I purchased amazing corn this week at Tops Supermarket in New Paltz.

So how do you make sure your corn tastes as good as it looks. My answer is cooking it on the grill. By choosing this method you not only guarantee delicious corn but you save yourself the unnecessary shucking. Cooking corn in the husk on a grill or over a campfire seals in the sweet corn juices and leaves the shucking to the person enjoying the ear of corn. It also makes it easier to hold when spreading on the butter.

To cook corn on a grill simply trim any extra husk that might be hanging on the side ofg the ears. Snip the top remove the silk which would catch fire and then trim the bottom so it fits on the grill. Run under water briefly to soak the ear then place on the grill for about 30 minutes. Let cool a few minutes then peel back the husk and spread on the butter.

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