This weekend in the Hudson Valley might just be one of the most high pressure weekends of all the holiday season. Surpassed by "Christmas Tree Picking" weekend and "Last Minute Christmas Shopping" weekend by only a slim margin, this is "Pumpkin Picking Weekend." You may be asking yourself what is so stressful about picking out a pumpkin? Well, let me point out two deciding factors that can cause pumpkin picking stress. One how do you pick the perfect pumpkin and two how do you decide what variety of pumpkin you should pick?

The first one can be kind of easy to get over if you aren't the kind of person who thinks the perfect pumpkin is the one that looks like it was manufactured in a Lenox factory.

According to All About Pumpkins your pumpkin should pick you.

Now as for which variety to pick? That can be more complicated. It really depends on your style and whether you want to carve it or paint it. Plus even though there are numerous varieties of pumpkins to choose from chances are your local pumpkin patch will have stuck to the basics

So good luck out there and here is to you finding your great pumpkin


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