This is a challenge that we should all get behind.

If you look around on social media the odds are in favor of you have come across a challenge or two and usually they are not very safe or worth doing. Challenges like, the tide pod challenge, the "In my Feelings" challenge where people are getting out of the cars while they are moving to do a dance. Just crazy!

Well we finally came across a challenge that could really work out well for waiters and waitress. It's called the "Tip the Bill Challenge" and here is how it works, it's pretty simple, people are tipping servers 100% of their bill, according to Delish.

For example, if your bill is $25, you add $25 to the bill for the gratuity, (some people are even adding way more than 100%) and boom, you've completed the "Tip the Bill Challenge".

Once your done with the challenge some people are taking pictures of the receipt and posting them on all social media platforms, using the hashtags TipTheBill or TipTheBillChallenge.

So if your looking for something good to do today, maybe take part in the "Tip the Bill Challenge".

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