This weekend I have set aside time to go through my boxes of Christmas decorations. It has been quite a few year since I have put up a tree and for that reason many of my ornaments haven't been looked at in a long time. I am sure they are in good condition because I am pretty sure I packed them well the last time I actually put them away. However, I may find myself in need of an ornament or two. It will all depend on the size of the tree I end up getting.

So this weekend I will be hitting the attic to find my boxes of ornaments. If I discover that I need to replace a few I will be heading out to thrift stores and checking in with my antique buddies to see what I can find. Over the past few years the old school Christmas ornament have come back into fashion and there are bound to be some cool ones out there if I look hard enough.

I am not your Pier One kind of shopper. I am more the what's in granny's attic kind of girl. I like to put up a real tree and I like the ornaments to be all different. One color trees with matching ornament aren't really my style.  They always look so pretty but I need something more diverse. Look out vintage shops here I come.

Vintage Ornaments and other Christmas Things

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