If you are a fan of Tim McGraw the singer you are bound to be a fan of Tim McGraw the author. Tim's latest book Grit & Grace is due to hit store November 5th and you can pre-order a copy now at Tim's official website. This latest book by Tim is offering us a look at how Tim has been able to take control of his life. In his word train the mind, train the body, own your life.

The book should be a great read but what's even better is that you can catch Tim talking about it in person. Tim has set up a book tour across the country which will have him and a special guest chatting about the book. You'll get an up close behind the scenes look at how Tim stays fit mentally and physically.

So of course Tim wouldn't leave New York of the list of places you can catch up with him to find out more about how he keeps it all together. He has two east coast dates scheduled in November and one of the happens to be in New York City. On November 4th the day before the book is officially released you can get tickets to join Tim and Jenna Bush Hager at Union Square 69 E 17th Street. These ticketed events are presented by Barnes and Noble.

Tim maybe country music's next motivational speaker. He is quoted on his website

"Focusing on my physical health hasn’t just made my body healthier, it’s made me healthier at every level. Moving daily and exercising regularly was a pebble that set off a ripple effect, improving the way I eat, sleep, relate to others, and show up both personally and professionally. It made me a better person to be around."

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