Who do you think did what over the weekend?

Every Monday morning Jess and I bring a list of some of the things we did over the weekend and after we read through them we narrow our lists down to three things each and read them to you on the air. Your job is to try and figure out who did what?

If you missed our things from the show today, here they are....

Person one
1. Went peach picking in Highland.
2. Watched the movie 15:17 to Paris.
3. We went out with each other, Kinda.

Person two

1. Got soaked on Saturday from all the rain.
2. Got some good pool time in on Sunday.
3. We went out with each other, Kinda.

Who do you think did what? Find out.....

Thank you for watching and make sure you wake up with us all week long for your chance to win tickets to Wrestling Under the Stars 7 at Dutchess Stadium this Saturday.

Have a great week.

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