It was a crazy weekend for both me and Jess, can you figure out who did what?

3 things is something Jess and I do every Monday morning on the CJ in the morning show. We do our best to keep track of some of the different things we do over the weekend and we each bring 3 of those things to the show on Monday and give you guys a chance to get to know us a litte better by trying to guess who did what.

If you missed the 3 things from the show today, they were:

Person one:

1. Played in the rain
2. Went to barn wedding
3. Played the game Headbands with the family

Person two

1. Tried Thai food for the first time
2. Got a flat tire on Saturday
3. Was towed across the Hudson River in a kayak

This should be easy but I have to ask, who did what? Find out and get more details....

Look out Maryland she is on her way!!! I think I need to due my part and contact the Coast Guard, just to be safe.

Have a great week!!!!

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