Who did what over the weekend?

It was an extremely busy weekend for both me and Jess and that makes for an exciting episode of "Three Things" from the weekend.

Every Monday Jess and I come into to do the show with a list of some of the things we did over the weekend. We each pick 3 things from our lists and read them to you on the show and give you the chance to call in a guess who did what.

The three things from this weekend are:

Person one

1. Heard one of the best, best man speeches ever.
2. Cooked breakfast both Saturday and Sunday.
3. Got into a heated argument with a venue owner.

Person two:

1. Worked a wedding.
2. Went on a ghost tour in Beacon.
3. Tried 3 different pumpkin beers.

Who do you think did what? Get the answer and more...WATCH....

Thank you for watching and make sure your listening all week long for a chance to win tickets for the Craft Beer Festival at Bethel Woods with the early morning brain stimulator.

Have a great week!

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