Ready? Get Set. It is finally time to fall back. Are you as ready as I am to get your hour back? The hour we surrendered back last Spring before the long hot sticky summer and this cloudy rain Fall. Ever since they change the dates and push give the hour up earlier in the Spring and getting it back later in the Fall I have really noticed how hard it is to enjoy "Daylight Savings Time". I don't feel like I have saved anything. So what are you going to do with your extra hour this weekend?

Ideas of what you can do with your extra hour.

1 - Sleep - always popular due to the fact that we actually get the hour back in the middle of the night.

2 - Stay Out Late - This is another popular choice if you have gone out on the Saturday night before the clocks change because if you haven't turned into a pumpkin by 2am you can stay out and due 2am again.

3 - Work - If you are lucky enough to have the hour replaced while you are at and hourly job you get paid to work an extra hour.

4 - Watch TV - You can wait to turn your clocks back after you wake up and use the extra hour to binge watch you favorite TV or Online show, however just remember that the entire United States has already switched the time and you maybe a bit behind when you first sit down t watch your show.

5 - Enjoy Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure - On Sunday take an hour out for yourself even if you think you don't have it. You actually do. Just because you slept through the actual clock change doesn't mean you can't use a different hour in your day as the extra one even if you woke up late.

Listen people one day a year we get an extra hour. An hour we actually lost about 8 months ago (238 days) so make sure you take it and do what you want with it. Like February 29th it is a gift of time let's use it the way we want before we have to give it back on March 10th 2019.

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