St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, and WalletHub says that Americans are expected to spend a whopping $5.87 billion on St. Paddy's celebrations this year. But if you're looking for a St Patrick's party or place to go, especially in an area like New York, it can be a lot to take in. Where to start? WalletHub threw together a list of the best cities and towns to spend your St. Patrick's Day in. One lower Hudson Valley city made the top ten in the nation, even ahead of New York City.

WalletHub used 18 relevant metrics under four key dimensions to rate each area when it came to their findings. Factors such as the length of St. Patrick's history in that particular area were weighed. Also, other factors like; the number of bars, festivities, and parties per capita were considered. Safety and the financial cost of celebration were approached as well. Cities and towns with lower numbers of DWI-related fatalities scored better on the results.

So Where is the Best Place to Spend St. Patrick's Day?

WalletHub ranked Yonkers at 9th overall in the country when it comes to best places for St. Patrick's Day. Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and San Francisco came in 1st through 5th respectively.

New York City was 11th, right behind Buffalo.

Another study

Oddly enough, the very same website ranked Yonkers as one of the least fun places to live late last year. According to that study, Yonkers ranked 176th out of 182 areas surveyed when it came to fun and entertainment. Yonkers has a population of 211,569 (according to the 2020 Census) and was officially incorporated in 1872. Yonkers does have a number of attractions including Empire City Casino, the Hudson River Museum, the Ridge Hill shopping area, Lenoir Wildlife Preserve, and Untermyer Gardens. They even have indoor skydiving at iFly, or you can check out the Legoland Discovery Center.

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