Milk and ice cream. It is a pretty basic formula. Or is it?

I am a New Yorker. It takes a lot to surprise me but I was taken completely off guard when I found out what the most popular milkshake we like to consume is. Maybe I am using the word "we" a little too loosely because I have never heard anyone order this milkshake. I have never even heard of it. Until recently I had no idea it existed.

I may be a New Yorker now but I grew up in the midwest and we take our ice cream very seriously. I might not be an expert but I do consume a lot of ice cream.

Milkshakes are one of the most popular treats in the summer and all year in the Hudson Valley. Whether it is at a fast food restaurant or at an ice cream parlor, there are so many places to get a good one. Is there really a bad one? Probably not but there are certainly weird ones and New York's favorite might be the strangest one of all.


Sliced open pineapple fruit slices

Have you ever heard of a pineapple milkshake?

Believe it or not, according to data shared on RTA Outdoor Living, pineapple is the most popular milkshake in New York. It's the favorite? I'm not buying the data just like I don't think anyone is buying a pineapple milkshake.

They apparently compiled the data from Google Trends. People may be searching for them but are they really buying them? Not only have I never seen anyone order this kind of milkshake I didn't even know it existed. Did you?

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