I never realized how much I love buying and eating some of the things I've only found at my local Stewarts.

On my way home the other day, I stopped at the Stewart's Shop in Poughkeepsie and as I was walking around looking for a few of my favorite things to snack on, I thought to myself, I wonder if everyone knows about some of the fantastic things they have inside a Stewart's Shop.


Stewart's has FREE Air

Before we head inside, one thing I don't know if everyone is aware of, but Stewart's is one of the only stores in the Hudson Valley that offers FREE air for people to use. If your air gauge comes on, most Stewart's have free air outside for customers to use for their cars or trucks.

Funny story, last summer I watched a man at the Hopewell Junction Stewart's trying to fill up a few pool floats at their air pump. He looked like he was having a hard time and I'm assuming he went inside to ask for help and a few minutes later came back outside with Stewart's employee who then helped him try to fill them up.

Inside of Stewart's, they have a little bit of everything and I know that if you ask anyone that has tried it, the coffee at Stewart's is great. They always have a freshly brewed pot on hand, but I thought outside of coffee, does everyone know that they have six things that I think everyone should try at least one time?

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