They are waking up from their winter nap and they are hungry. Today the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) sent a notice reminding all of us in the Hudson Valley that our local bear population is starting to stir. Local homeowners on the edge of bear country, which is just about anywhere in the Hudson Valley should expect to start seeing bears emerging from their cold weather slumber and looking for food.

In an email received today the NYS DEC went through some facts that I have shared below in a bear gallery. Basically, they are reminding all of us that bears are hungry this time of year. Like anything that has been asleep for a while they are on the hunt for a snack. In order to keep them out of your yard make sure you aren't leaving old food around and be mindful of your bird feeders.

You may be hearing the song birds to returning your yard now that the snow is melting but a birdfeeder in bear county is an open invitation for them to stop by for a snack. The pretty bird on your porch can turn into a hungry bear at you back door. Under no circumstances should you feed a bear. Once they associate humans with food bears are pretty smart or at least smart enough that they will seek you out for more food. Plus, feeding bears is bad for their health. It also happens to be against the law in New York State to feed bears.


The Bear Facts with NYS DEC


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