With everything bad going on in the world lately, it's always good to hear a feel good story.  It never hurts when that story involves kids, especially high school kids.

A school janitor by the name of Travis Kennedy works really hard at a High School in Alabama but can't afford to buy himself a new truck, so he's stuck driving his old beat up one.  That is until now.

Sam Hice and Preston Reed are Sophomores at that school and started a GoFundMe account for Travis.  They want to get him a new truck.

The boys said that because he is such a hard worker and such a nice guy that he deserves something nice.

They are trying to raise $20,000 for a new truck.   The GoFundMe account already sits at just over $14,000.  Should you want to donate, here's the LINK

Not only are these great kids but I really feel that the parents deserve some recognition too for raising such good young men.

Good people really do exist.


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