There's a new list out with the top places parents hide their kids christmas presents, the only problem is it seems to be the first places kids look.

Ever since the beginning of time, or at least the advent of Christmas, people have been pondering the same question — Where’s the best place to hide my kids Christmas Presents?

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I remember as a kid my main mission was to search and find. Not that I wanted to know what I was getting, but I just wanted to be assured there were presents waiting for me. I knew the hot spots, and more years then not I was successful in my hunt. You have to admit, no child or even some adults can't resist hunting them down.

According to a new survey from neighbor,com, 50% of people say they've had presents they hid get found, while 50% claim they've been somewhat successful at hiding gifts, or it could also be possible that their hiding spot has been breached.

The survey was quite conclusive, they asked more then 1000 people for their top hiding spots for their kids present, and ironically the top spots were basically where their kids looked first.

Now I've always been under the impression that if you hid the presents under your kids bed, it would probably be the last spot they look. It did make this years list, but I'm sure it would have come in higher, however I would imagine that most parents are a little reluctant to go there just because it seems so obvious.

Here's the results of the survey, listing the top spots parents hide their kids Christmas Presents.

These Are The Top 10 Spots To Hide Your Kids Christmas Presents

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