I'm just getting over a flu that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Needless to say it was bad and I'm trying to stay healthy the rest of the winter season.

We're going from freezing temperatures to the mid 50's this week, so there's a strong possibility a cold is in your future. Well, at least in mine.

There are some preventative measure you can take to avoid colds all together. Of course there is taking vitamins and drinking a bunch of water, but there are also certain foods to eat that can help your body defend the sickness.

According to EatThis.Com there are 7 foods to eat that will help you during cold season.

Obviously chicken noddle soup is on the list. However, more unique foods like Oysters and Kiwi's made the list as well. The site state that oysters are "the best natural source of zinc" and that kiwi's are stacked with "micro nutrients" that "significantly enhanced the concentration of immunity-boosting erythrocytes in red blood cells."

Honey, almonds, yogurt and garlic also made the list.

What are your cold remedy's?

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