I will have to start this blog with full disclosure, I am the world's biggest cheese fan. I could literally eat cheese until the cows come home. My favorite deli sandwich is Swiss cheese and mayo with lettuce on marble rye. Don't get me wrong, I have had some cheeses I didn't like. Let's just say they were more mold that cheese. But hey, with a great glass of wine and a Triscuit everything can be tolerated in the right portion.

So that brings me to the cheese that I believe goes best with a chicken wing. A cheese that no matter how crispy or spicy the wing it adds to the experience. A cheese you can dip or spread on any flavor chicken wing and come up with a mouthful of cheesy goodness. I bet you are thinking Blue Cheese and if you are, you are wrong.

The cheese that goes best with a wing is called the "caviar of the south". It is also known as the official Sandwich of the Masters.  It is Pimento Cheese and at Augusta it is the sandwich you eat proudly. Some of you are now saying what kind of cheese? And others of you who may even be from the south, are saying "Yuck!" But for those of us who are truly cheese lovers this is the cheese a for all foods and definitely for chicken wings. It isn't much. It is simply cheese, mayonnaise and pimento (unless you get fancy) but for some of us it is culinary bliss.

Don't knock it until you try it.

All you need is a plate of wings. Make some for yourself and remember to pack a container for Wing Wars 2017. Tickets are on sale now for this annual event on Jan 28th at Motorcyclepdia in Newburgh.



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