We're not out of the clear of winters wrath just yet, but we're already seeing signs of spring.

One personal spring indicator, for me, in the Hudson Valley is the big ol' potholes on every single road. Whether it's I-84, Route 9, the Taconic or even a local parking lot the pot holes are starting to make their yearly appearance.

I'm no fool, I know there are potholes all year round, but there seem to be so many more after the snow stops, the rain starts and the ground gets warm.

In the past two days, I've had two friends who have hit a pretty large pothole and ended up with flat tires. They were both driving on the Taconic south-bound by 82 in Hopewell.

You may be asking "How come they couldn't avoid it?" Well that's because it was so deep that it filled up with water and had looked just like a dark patch of road.

This morning the left lane on the Taconic, south-bound at route 82, was blocked. According to Sigalert.com, the lane was blocked because several cars had flats. Luckily, the Highway Department came out to fill said pothole.

Sigalert.com Monday Morning, February 12
Sigalert.com Monday Morning, February 12


Let's help each other out and share the worst potholes to avoid in the Hudson Valley. Where have you seen a nasty pothole? Let us know on Facebook.


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