Lights, check. Extension cords, check. Ladder, check. Everything is set for the outdoor light project, now we just need a sunny day. Every year at my house we look for the warmest day on Thanksgiving weekend to hang the outdoor Christmas lights. The past few year we have missed the opportunity mostly because of the early snows.

This year it looks like mother nature is going to co-operate and the house will be decked out with lights for the first time in 3 years. Now let me be clear we aren't trying to be seen from space, but we do tend to channel an inner Griswold. After all it has to be worth the effort.

So hopefully by Sunday evening we will have hung lights from every possible gutter, railing and tree and we will be ready for the holiday magic to begin.

Click here to see the biggest Christmas Light displays from 2014. I don't plan on making this list, I couldn't possibly hang all those light in a day.

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