Talk about the ultimate night out in the city, this has to be one for the ages.  Grab a few girls, a bunch of money and head to NYC.

You'll have to head there this winter though because it's one of those seasonal things.

You've probably seen or heard about these little pop up bars that appear out of nowhere and sometimes go away just as quickly but especially becoming popular in the winter are, the Igloo bars.

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar in Manhattan is one of them and is offering a 160 oz. spiked hot chocolate.

Now, this isn't your typical hot chocolate.  It comes with gold shavings, what is often called the worlds most expensive chocolate, Amedei Porcelana Dark Chocolate, house made whipped cream, marshmallows (because you can't have hot chocolate without them) and premium melted cocoas and liquors.

You're going to need to bring a bunch of friends, not because you won't be able to drink it but it'll cost you that much.

For a whopping $3,000, you can indulge in the one of a kind hot drink.

See why I said a few friends?  The Igloos hold about 10 people so that only $300 a piece.  Makes it a little easier to swallow.


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