So you are getting ready to head to a backyard BBQ, what food dish or side item are you most looking forward to eating? Is there one that you have to eat first?

Taking a quick sample around the radio station here is what we have discovered are the side dish items that are peoples favorites and thus disappear first from the table:

  1. Potato salad. This item scored the highest and was on everyone's list
  2. Deviled eggs. This had some lovers and some absolute haters, but it made the list.
  3. Corn. It could be corn on the cob, a corn salad, some sort of corn made the list
  4. Macaroni salad. This made it to about 85% of everyone's list
  5. Cake. This was what every one wanted and it didn't have to be a fancy cake. One of those sheet cakes with cool whip and berries, would be excellent. Wait, is cake a side dish or a dessert?
  6. Coleslaw made it to the list on 75% of peoples list. Of course, we could not agree on how to make the coleslaw, would it be traditional, vinegar, or Asian style, no one could agree on this.
  7. Baked beans. Again, not on everyone's list, but it is considered a bbq staple by at least 50% of the people who were in the survey.

What do you think is the most important side dish to have at a BBQ? Let us know, in the comments below.

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