I pride myself in trying to be entertaining, even if it's because I've said something dumb, done something that makes people laugh or shake their head or just plain been silly but this time, I was hilarious and no one knew.

My wife and I went to dinner out of town on Sunday and it was raining and she had forgotten something in the car so I went to get it because she had baby girl and the food had just arrived.

I walked outside, saw the car that was only about 50 feet away or the distance of the 4 steps and the drive part of the parking lot.

I step out for the step and the next thing I know I'm face down on the parking lot.

I had slipped on the water covered steps and hit all 4 steps going down.

What made it even funnier was that I had no clue and just laid there, getting more wet and saying, 'what just happened?"

When I got up, I confirmed that I was OK and continued to the car.

I was fine, no injuries but I'm really upset that NOONE saw it.

My wife is trying a little to hard to get them to release the video tap of it though.

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