I have been waiting along with the rest of you for season two of Midnight, Texas. They left us both rewarded and hanging after season one and then there was a rumor that season two may not happen. Thank goodness most rumors aren't true. I am getting so tired of loving a show and then finding out it is cancelled. I started thinking if I like a show I am the reason it fails. Ok so sometimes I make it all about me. Anyway imagine my thrill when I found out the the cast of Midnight Texas and other folks associated with the show were going to Comic Com. While they were there they did this press conference about the upcoming season.

Like most people I discovered Midnight Texas on NBC while watching The Voice. The promos for the show left me wanting to watch the show when it made it's debut on NBC July 24th 2017. And ever since the conclusion of season 1 fans of the show have anxiously awaited season 2. It looks like the wait is over and it was so worth our patience. Season 2 is expected to hit a TV near you on Friday October 26th. The cast and producers revealed some of what we can expect from our favorite Midnighers in season 2 and it sounds as intriguing as season 1.

It's culty, it's campy and it is a show that leaves you thinking a lot about the world beyond the one we live inhabit. I sometime wonder if there is a Midnight New York? A town where misfits go to lay low and hide their devilish side. If there is a Midnight NY then it is bound to be in the Hudson Valley.

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