A wolf is truly a magical creature. They have fascinated us for centuries. They are often the dark creature in lore. They tend to get type cast as a villain but truth is these beautiful animals also known as Canis Lupus are held in high regard by many and are considered a strong animal totem.

I am intrigued by the wolf because of it's loyalty and intelligence. I also love the idea that wolves understood the importance of having a squad long before it was a term. A Wolf Pack is one of the most loyal, caring, organized, fun loving groups on earth.

We are fortunate in the Hudson Valley to have a place where you can visit to actually find out more about wolves, The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem New York is just a short ride for most of us. A visit to the center is a great idea if you are curious to learn more about the wolf and it important to the balance of nature.

That brings me to a cool video I found that you may have seen floating about social media. Take a few minutes to watch this and see how wolves make a real difference in shaping a landscape.

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