Get set to shop! Yes, before you know it we will be storming the stores and the internet for the perfect holiday gifts for friends and family. I am not one of those "shop in July" kind of people so the next few weeks will be full of shopping for me. I like to do my holiday shopping while the stores are decorated to their fullest. It adds to the festive spirit of gift giving. Of course some stores have had their Christmas decorations up since August, so if that is my reason for being a last minute shopper during the holidays I may have to rethink it. Anyway everyone is always focus on gifts for the kids but what about us grown-ups?

Shocked little boy looking at gift
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One of these years I hope to be the person who gets to buy off the Neiman Marcus Wish List. Have you heard of it? I hadn't, until 1985 theyear they had matching polo ponies on the list. You see I worked at a local barn and one of the customers bought a pair of polo ponies as his "his and her gift" for his wife. I actually rode the horses for weeks leading up to Christmas so the ponies were exercised and the surprise wouldn't be ruined. I guess in a way I can say I kind of got a gift from the list or at least got to use it for a few weeks. That counts, right?


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