The eagle has landed.

Seriously, they have. Right here in the Hudson Valley.

Every summer it seems that eagles have navigated their way to a specific spot in Dutchess County. Bowdoin Park in Wappingers is right now the home of two adult eagles and a couple of babies in the nest.

One of our listeners, Rich, kindly shared some great shots from over the weekend. He caught one of the birds perched up high in a tree. Take a look at the beautiful photo below.

Richard Otero via Facebook
Richard Otero via Facebook

A friend of mine said that they went down to the park on Friday and they saw the eagles flying back to the next with a fish in its talons.

The Department of Environmental Conservation asks that you report eagle sightings between April 15 and June 15 as "this could lead to the discovery of new nesting pairs."

If you see four or more eagles during the winter time after 3pm, report it because it "could reveal a significant winter roost site."


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