The Hudson Valley is home to some of the finest dining in the world. After all we are home to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

We're also home to a handful of Food Network's Chopped Champions and contestant. Needless to say, we can live out our foodie dreams on either side of the Hudson River.

But what really gets people talking are the weird creations that they find on social media. Whether you're scrolling through TikTok or double tapping pictures on Instagram, chances are you've come across a food video or picture that caught your eye.

That's exactly what happened to me and I need to share this ingenious dessert creation with the rest of the Hudson Valley.

Spoons, the new ice cream shop addition to Eastdale Village in Poughkeepsie, shared their incredible recipe for The Doughnini.

When this popped up on my Instagram page I thought I died and went to dessert heaven.

The Doughnini consist of a warm doughnut cut in half, with the ice cream of your choice in the middle and drizzled in glaze. Oh, and you can add your own toppings. And yes, they actually put it in a panini press.

Honestly, my description doesn't do it justice. Roll the Reel!

If you have a sweet tooth, you might have to make a stop at Spoons this weekend. I realize it was posted on April Fools Day, so my fingers are crossed this is actually real.

They are known for some pretty insane ice cream creations, like this bad boy:

Will you be trying a Doughnini anytime soon?


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