These are the people we all need to remember around the holidays.

As we get closer to the holidays, we thought most of us have a pretty long list of the people we're getting gifts for this year and if you're anything like us, your afraid of forgetting some in your life that deserves a gift.

That's where the "Don't Forget Them" gift list started and all we asked is that you call or text us the person you think should get a gift this holiday season that we might have forgotten about.

We got a bunch of suggestions including, Tori texted us, "Teachers and their assistants!", Nickie in Ulster Park texted us, "Don’t forget Maintenance people at office buildings where we all work. They work really hard and have many jobs especially now keeping up with all of the COVID cleaning regulations."

Rob in Pleasant Valley texted, "The pest control tech who services your home or place of business. We been working the whole pandemic." Danielle texted, "For your gift thing for today I would say don’t forget your propane and oil delivery and service guys." Andy texted, "Substitute teachers. They go into school even though they don't have to, but no one ever gives the subs a card or a gift. People forget about them, but they are risking getting sick to help everyone's kids."

Some of the other suggestions we got today include, bus drivers, car mechanic, massage therapist, personal trainers, landscapers, plow person, garbage men, hair stylist, UPS/Fed Ex delivery person, and mailman. Did we miss anyone? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

Happy holidays!!

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