Not only did I not find Churros yesterday at the Dutchess County Fair, but my heart was broken.

Honestly, I wasn't even too upset about the Churro thing. CJ and myself, were at the Dutchess County Fair broadcasting, shaking hands and just having a great time and then I get a message on Instagram. The message is from a close friend and states "Stop this madness! Who is this?!!" And that had me nervous right away.

After further inspection, my friend had sent me an Instagram video from my boyfriend/fiance/husband/lover, Sam Hunt. And well...that's when my heart broke.

Did you see my hopes and dreams fly out the window. Well, there they go. I'm not sure where this leaves me and my love for Sam Hunt because I'm pretty sure was his day 1, but that's neither here nor there.

In the mean time, I'll be searching for my new country boyfriend. Because let's be real, there is no comparing to that lady (Who is nameless, and faceless at this point. I'll be using my catfish research skills to get to the bottom of it).

I'll make him miss me.


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