It is the best gadget ever made for anyone loving Christmas lights and other outdoor electric items that need to be turn on and off. Imagine being able to do this from the comfort of your warm home. No more trying to figure out timers that go off and on at all the wrong times. No more searching for the plug in the dark while you stand in two inches of snow. They now make a remote controlled extension cord.

I knew they made remote control starters for your car, but I never even considered one for the outdoor lights. When you think about it, why not, everything we use has a remote, the TV, the thermostat, the garage door and so on so why not an adapter for the end of an extension cord. Plug in your Christmas lights and never step outside again to turn them on and off.

I may be out of the loop and this may have been something you have used for years. But so far everyone I mentioned it to today has never heard of such a thing. It seems so "As Seen On TV" but I guess I might actually be on the cutting edge of this technology, which would be pretty impressive considering I haven't been the first to have a "new gadget" ever.

Visit your local hardware store or click here to see the one I found at Lowes

photo by PQ