I may be alone in this, but I love gender reveal parties. The suspense gets me every time.

Lately on social media I've been seeing some really creative gender reveal ideas. There was the man revving his engine and the smoke turning pink to reveal they were having a girl. Or the man who was in the military and shot a target several yards away to reveal that they were expecting a boy. There have been a few reveals that involve sports and they're my favorites because sometimes they don't go according to plan.

Over the weekend, sports broadcaster Kyle Tait and his wife planned to announce if they were having a boy or a girl by hitting a baseball that would explode with blue or pink powder. Kyle apparently takes baseball very seriously and when his wife threw him a bad pitch he took it. Meaning he let the ball fall,because it wasn't a strike, hit the ground and reveal that they are expecting a baby girl:

Have you had a gender reveal party fail? Let us know!


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