Over the last few weeks we have been hearing that things will be different after the COVID 19 outbreak. Some have said that the hand shake will become a thing of the past. I don't believe it or maybe I just don't want to believe it. The other physical sign of greeting and affection that might be different is the Hug.

I hope that the hug doesn't become a thing of the past after all they are actually supposed to be good for us. According to Psychology Today in an article they published online in December of 2018 hugs have three surprising ways they benefit our health. The first they say is that a hug can help us not catch a cold. That doesn't seem like ti would make sense but apparently psychological stress can make us susceptible to illness and a hug can reduce stress.

Hugs can also reduce blood pressure (benefit #2) and lighten our mood (benefit #3). It is know doubt that a good hug from a person we care about can make us feel better. I actually feel bad that there are people who aren't getting enough hugs right now because we are staying home alone. It is hard but we have to stay safe for now so we can hug later.

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