When it comes to the TV show 'The Bachelor', I have 2 thoughts, that girl is pretty and this show is painful.

I have watched it a few times over the many seasons but I'll be honest, it's been to look at beautiful women.  I have wanted to be on the show a few times and have women fighting over me though.

In all seriousness, my wife had it on last night and I figured I'd look at the women.  Well, I got sucked in.

I was sitting there thinking that I didn't understand how this show was interesting and then Hanna Brown showed up.  I'm not really sure how but I knew about her history with the Bachelor.  Probably because of all the social media that was involved around the whole windmill thing but whatever the case, I was now at least partially interested.

Once he invited her to be in the house, which meant part of the show I was hooked.

Now, will I watch it next week?  Probably not because the College Football National Championship is on but I'm pretty sure I'll either make sure my wife DVR's it or catches me up on what happened.

I still don't get all of the hype but I can see how you could get reeled in.

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