I am not sure if I fell for a marketing gimmick or it it is actually true but here is my understanding of the next few days. Obviously, Thursday is Thanksgiving. We set aside this day to give thanks and to eat a lot of food with family and friends. Then when we have sufficiently stuff all that is left into a Tupperware we move on to the weekend.

There is Black Friday - The day we officially start denting the credit cards with holiday purchases. Even if you started your shopping in July it is hard to pass up the deals. Try to go all day Friday without making a purchase. It is not possible.

Then Small Business Saturday - kicks off with all of us heading to our favorite small town to buy more things for people and the holidays. We have officially been given a second day to shop and my personal opinion is, it is a lot more fun. I love small shops and cute towns.

All of this shopping is followed by Giving Sunday - a day set aside over the weekend of mega spending to realize that we should also splurge on charity. This is the day that if you are going to donate time or money over the holiday you either do it or plan it for the near future.

Then Cyber Monday - which honestly I think has lost some steam. After all don't most of us live weekly on our Prime account. But it is good to set aside a day for online shopping especially when the online merchants maybe offering deals.

And finally Travel Tuesday.- this one is new to the line up but this is the day you are suppose to book your next year's vacation.

So good luck getting to all of this over the next few days if nothing else it will give you something to talk about over the Thanksgiving table.

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