So we gave out a few things that you can drop on your family at the thanksgiving dinner table tomorrow so that there is no Lull in the conversation.  If you missed them here they are:


1.  This is the 150th anniversary of Thanksgiving.  Yes, the FIRST Thanksgiving happened in 1621 . . . 392 years ago.  But Thanksgiving wasn't OFFICIALLY an American holiday until President Lincoln made it one in 1863.


2.  Thanksgiving is on Thursday because . . . that day seemed like it was the most wide open.  There's no real significance to Thursday, people just didn't have much going on.


3.  The woman who pushed Thanksgiving from an informal tradition into a holiday was Sarah Hale from New Hampshire.  She was an author . . . who also wrote "Mary Had a Little Lamb".  Yes, one woman is responsible for both.

And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without...


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