This has to be good, right?

Over the last few months Jess and I have been asking you guys to send us some weird food combinations that you or someone you know has tried before. I can be just about anything you want. We have had some great suggestions so far.

Some have been much better than others, just ask Jess about last week and the pork and beans mixed with mayonnaise. She is still yelling at me about that but like I have said to her, if you are every going to try that out make sure its on a hot summer day at a BBQ. You'll love it!

As for this week, we got a text from Sabrina though the Wolf app telling us that she came across a great 3 ingredient snack/meal when she was almost outta food at her house a while back. She told us to grab some cream cheese and Nutella and spread across a nice soft tortilla, roll up and enjoy!

Did we like it? Take a look.....

I don't think you can ever go wrong with anything Nutella, right? Is there a crazy food combo you think we should try out next week? Call or text us through the Wolf app and be listening every Monday for Testing Our Taste Buds. Now excuse me as I go back for seconds. LOL.

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