Have you ever had money just land in your lap? Maybe you scratched a winning lottery ticket or Auntie Em left you some cash in her will. Either way, I like to call that money "Fun Money". Fun money is money you weren't expecting and must not be spent on bills. Fun Money must be spent on FUN!

If you play the Wolf Grand in Your Hand you could win $1000 or even $10,000 in fun money. What would you spend it on? I have so many things I would want to do. First, I would give 10 percent to charity. It's the pay it forward thing. I find giving some away insures good karma for more fun money to come your way. Then off I would go to buy things I don't need but it would be fun to have or do.

First purchase Gary Allan Tickets. I haven't seen Gary in concert since he played the Dutchess County Fair, I am overdue.

Second purchase a Spa Tub. I have always wanted to be able to kick back in the yard after a long day. I can't think of a better way to do that then sitting in a relaxing spa tub. Tiki torches purchased separately of course.

And if there is any fun money left over my last purchase would be a Magnum Ice Cream Bar, the dark chocolate with caramel.