The big-name retail giant has announced it is eliminating a once-popular way for customers to pay for items at checkout.

If you spend any time shopping at Target stores across the county and are one of those people who has a hard time accepting change, we have some news that might not make you happy as they have announced a big change to the way you can pay for your items at checkout.


Cash, Card, or Check?

This might surprise some (depending on how old you are), but at one time there were only a few ways that customers could pay for items when they checked out at most stores. It was either cash, check, or card, there wasn't any Apple Pay or phones to tap or anything like that and most times people would choose to write a check for their items at checkout.

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Yes, many of us used to break out the checkbook and write a check for whatever we were buying! If that's you and you still write checks get ready for a big change at Target stores as you will soon need to pay a different way as the company has announced its eliminating the check as a payment option at stores.


Target Eliminates Form of Payment

Starting this month Target will no longer accept personal checks from customers as a form of payment at checkout according to NBC Chicago. A company spokesperson said that the change, which will go into effect on July 15th at stores nationwide is being made because of "extremely low volumes."

Target Eliminates Checks

Target has taken several measures to notify all of its customers before the new policy goes into effect on 7/15, a few days after Target's widely popular Circle Week event. Target will continue to accept several forms of payment, including Target Circle Cards, cash, digital wallets, SNAP/EBT, credit and debit cards, and its "buy now pay later" services.

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