I love summer and everything about it.  I love it hot. In fact, the hotter the better for me.  My wife on the other hand, her favorite time of year is fall.  Pumpkins, hoodies, the leaves changing and the "not having sweat in places you shouldn't".

There are really only 2 things about fall that I like, maybe 3.  College football, fires at night when it's cool and maybe hoodies.

Once Labor Day comes, you can pretty much start planning on fall arriving and summer is almost over.

Here are a few signs that it's happening besides the fact that Labor Day just happened.

  • 60 degrees at night is a lot more chillier that 60 degrees at night was about a month ago.
  • There is just a more crisp feel in the air at night
  • Leaves are starting to change.  I was a little sad when I noticed this the other day.
  • School is back in session
  • It's becoming way easier to have a fire at night and sit around it because it's not humid and as I said in reason 1, 60 degrees at night is way more chillier than it was in June.
  • College students are prepping for the semester to begin
  • Halloween decorations and candy are on the shelves
  • I found myself wearing a hoodie while out on a morning walk with the baby

Fall is almost here and we can't do anything about it except accept it and take in all of the beautiful scenes the changing of the leaves will give us here in the Hudson Valley.


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